New Oilfield Equipment

Oil and Gas Equipment Supplier and Fabrication Company

Priority Projects offers a very large selection of new and gently used oil and gas equipment.Priority Projects boasts over 40 years experience in suppling the oilfield with fully customized and fabricated equipment.

Oilfield Fabrication with Precision and Performance

Priority Projects is an expert designer and fabricator of high-quality, customer-driven production equipment that meet your expectations for reliability, quality and accuracy.

Every manufactured product in certified to meet and exceed Canada's production requirements.




We manufacture Vertical and Horizontal Separators in a variety of sizes for sweet, AB sour and sour applications. The dimensions and options can be selected based on your needs. We offer both two-phase and three-phase units.


Line Heaters

We stock an inventory of New and Reconditioned Line Heaters ranging in sizes 1/2MM, 3/4MM, & 1MM with Heater Coils fabricated for sweet and sour applications.


Manifold Header Systems

Oil and gas manifolds divert oil or gas, without flow interruption, from the separator to the crude oil burner for disposal, to the surge tank or gauge tank for measurements or storage, or to a production line.


Odorant Stations

Priority Projects has developed a state-of-the-art, closed loop mercaptan delivery system, which adds the odorant without the smell associated with depressurization of the odorizer.


Regulating Metering Odourizing Station (RMO)

Custom, project-specific packages designed to suit your unique needs.


Fuel Gas Scrubbers

Fuel Gas Scrubbers remove traces of liquid droplets from gas streams to protect the downstream equipment.


Dehydrators (B.T.O.)

Dehydrators are used to remove water and water vapour from gas.



Tanks are used to store produced oil and liquid products. They may be above ground (surface) or underground.



Treaters are vessels used to take water out of oil-water emulsions, preparing the emulsions for pipeline transport.


Free Water Knockouts

Free Water Knockout (FWKO) Vessels are horizontal or vertical vessels designed to separate liquids of different densities (typically oil and water).


Features of our oilfield equipment company

  • Equipment built to your specifications.
  • Benefit from over 40 years experience.
  • Solutions that meet your specific performance objectives.
  • Quality work performed by trained experts.
  • Customized solutions as well as rental equipment solutions

Our Oilfield Equipment Capabilities

  • Design and Layout
  • CAD Drafting
  • Structural Welding
  • Pressure Welding
  • Pipe Fitting
  • Instrumentation
  • Hydro-testing
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Sand Blast & Paint
  • Building Erection

 “Servicing the Oilfield Industry Since 1978”

Our Oil and gas Equipment production shop

Our fabrication shop is 60’ wide and 122’-8” long (7,360 sq. ft.) with two 16’ wide x 18’ high overhead doors, 6” reinforced concrete floor, mercury vapour lighting, 440 volt / 3-phase power and overhead cranes capable of handling items up to 15’ wide x 16’ high x 20,000 pounds.

Attached to the fabrication shop is a 2,225 sq. ft. office facility and a 2,450 sq. ft. heated inventory storage area.

The fabrication shop is certified through the Alberta Boiler’s Safety Association for Welding Procedure #1043.2 and Quality Control Program #AQP 1169.


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